Unexpected Bonus: The Bay of Whales Gallery


After a crazy-busy Christmas and New Year “silly season” followed by some medical events with my father, we managed to get away for a few days to one of our favourite destinations.  It’s a little caravan park (aka ‘trailer park’ in American English) nestled into a bend on the Surry River on the south-western coast of Victoria, just down the hill from a small hamlet named Narrawong.  

Many people might drive through Narrawong on their way from Warrnambool to Portland and suspect that there’s not much there. 
They’d be wrong. 

This area is full of surprises. We’ve been spending part of our January here for years, but we are still finding new things to do and see. 

This year’s unexpected bonus was a visit to the Bay of Whales Gallery, where wildlife artist Brett Jarrett creates and exhibits his amazing realist art of all sorts of animals and birds. 

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4 thoughts on “Unexpected Bonus: The Bay of Whales Gallery

  1. I would love to live in Australia, Canada is a Great Country, but when you’ve lived somewhere your whole life you kind of take it for granted. and OMG we have Brutal winters here, it was -17C last night and 20cm of snow coming on Sunday. We have very distinct seasons. In the summer it is hot, and the average daytime high is 27C then by January we get like -25 quite often at night.

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