Tonight’s public service announcement.

I would just like everyone to know that Sean is really, truly, great. 

He always listens. He cares about me and my life. He encourages and defends me. He is a truly great friend and brother.

He reminds me that being under-appreciated is worse than being overworked or underpaid, and then he shows that he appreciates me.

And then he makes me laugh with inappropriate humour.

How could I not love this guy? 


I’m so glad we adopted each other. I’m so glad he is as happy about that as I am. 

A different kind of baptism.

This evening, Sean and I stood on a flat rock, polished smooth by the ocean, and stepped into the cold water together. 

We only got wet up to our ankles, but we did it! Neither of us had seen the Atlantic Ocean before last Friday. Now, we’ve had a little ritual of wetting our feet in it together. 

We weren’t born siblings, but we did this together to further cement our mutual adoption.  It’s safe to say that we have really bonded in the past five days. 

We’ve experienced many firsts together on our short vacation in the eastern provinces of Canada. It was the first time for both of us to visit Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Sean had his first lobster. I fulfilled childhood dreams with Sean by my side. We have laughed and talked and taken photos and blogged and got rained on and visited many new places together. And the meals we’ve shared… Oh my. 

This trip out east has been sensational in so many ways. 

It’s going to be really hard to leave him tomorrow and go back to instant messaging. But we will. It’s so much better than nothing!

Conversations You Definitely Would Not Hear in Australia 

“So, is your Glock your only registered weapon?”


“What about the .22 you got from your brother?”

“That’s not registered.”

“Did you even manage to get bullets for it, though?”

“Yeah, but it sticks sometimes so it’s no good as a defensive weapon.”

“Was that why he gave it to you?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”
I was left with just the one question: what exactly was his brother trying to achieve? 


Leaving the home and company of a wonderful friend is a sad thing to do, but great memories have been made and our friendship cemented.
My buddy was always going to be a friend for life, but now the adoption is formalised. He’s my brother.