Racking up the laughs.

This morning, my man made bacon, eggs and grilled tomatoes for an Easter Sunday breakfast. 

One of our guests dropped a little on her white skirt and commented that it was going to be hard to get the mark out.

“Make-up wipes will get it out,” I said helpfully.

“Oh, thank you! Great tip!” she said. 

Just as she was putting more food in her mouth, I leaned over to my husband and whispered quite loudly, “She said I’ve got great tits!”

Just as I had hoped,  my friend nearly spat her food out again as she laughed. 

And then, as diplomatic as ever, my husband said,”I don’t think that’s what she said.”

“As if she didn’t,” I said, indicating the general area, “Check ’em out!” 
And then nobody knew what to say.

Good times. 


Tonight’s public service announcement.

I would just like everyone to know that Sean is really, truly, great. 

He always listens. He cares about me and my life. He encourages and defends me. He is a truly great friend and brother.

He reminds me that being under-appreciated is worse than being overworked or underpaid, and then he shows that he appreciates me.

And then he makes me laugh with inappropriate humour.

How could I not love this guy? 


I’m so glad we adopted each other. I’m so glad he is as happy about that as I am. 

A Bump In The Road

An update to my post earlier today: the headache remained mild and went away after a couple of hours and some Advil. 

This is, once again, completely uncharacteristic of my decades-long headache pattern. 

The only thing that has changed is that daith piercing. I am absolutely certain this is not merely some hinky kind of placebo effect. I was bracing myself for a full-on headache today and it didn’t develop past an oddly annoying, vague kind of thing that was banished by some ibuprofen.

Weird… But very, very welcome!

I Guess It Had To Happen…

Today I woke up feeling as though I should have had a headache. My shoulders and neck were achy and I felt a bit cloudy in the head. I was surprised about the absence of any headache, and realised then that I would probably have a new set of symptoms to learn since my daith piercing.

My pain levels from my fibromyalgia are high, and at times almost overwhelming today, so I was encouraged that my head hadn’t gone out in sympathy. Since I try to not let my pain dictate what I will or won’t do, I headed for church with the friend we are visiting for the weekend.

What I had not really thought about was my sensitivity to fragrances in a social setting where people don’t know to sit away from me if they are wearing perfume.

We chose a spot where I was not surrounded by people,which is always my preference anyway. An older gentleman came over and sat in front of me. I’m sure he thought he smelt lovely but it was an almost instant effect in causing that familiar sinus pain behind my eyes.

For what it’s worth, my husband commented when we got our of church that the man’s deodorant or cologne, or whatever it was, was unpleasantly strong, even for someone who isn’t as sensitive to those things as I am.

So far, though, the pain has remained much milder than usual, which is a nice surprise. I did have some nausea while sitting there, but that passed once I got out into fresher air, which is also unusual as it usually lasts as long as the headache does.

It will be very interesting to see if this headache hangs on for a day or two, as my fragrance-induced headaches always have done before.

I’ll keep you posted.

Toodle Pip!

Today, I bid my sixteen-year-old cat, Pip, farewell. She was old, losing her mind, and her time had come.

Pip was quite a nice cat, if you could get past the fact that she hated being cuddled, peed on the floor – and only occasionally, the kitchen counter – out of sheer, deliberate vengeance if she was displeased, and frequently left fragrant landmines outside the bedroom and bathroom doors of any visitors that she didn’t like much.

She had a cracking case of the condition known as Resting Bitch Face, in which she could look at you like she wanted you to die while she sat on your lap, purring like a Volkswagen Beetle and drooling on your clothes.

2015-07-09 22.55.08

Pip had a penchant for tidbits of ham and tasty cheese, and had various members of the family trained to feed  her off the kitchen counter or table when they were making lunch or a snack.  She used to sit on the kitchen table beside my father-in-law as he made his sandwiches for lunch, and tap him on the arm whenever she thought it was time for him to hand-feed her again. She wasn’t afraid to use a claw or two when you were slow to feed her or pat her.

She used to run into the bedroom when she heard the alarm go off in the mornings, and wake me with a firm pat or two on the cheek with her paw. It wasn’t wise to ignore her – if she thought it was past time for me to be out of bed, she would put a claw up my nostril and pull on it to make me sit up. It’s hard not to feel loved by a cat that is so careful to make sure you get to the dairy on time, just so she can sleep in the warm spot in the bed that you’d left behind.

She did love a good rub behind the ears, and loved to “boop” my finger tip while sitting on my lap. That made her purr and drool more than most things.

2015-07-09 23.15.03

Pip hated going outside, and actually managed to avoid it for several years at a time. It was only in recent months that she started to venture out of open doors, only to look very surprised when she realised where she was, and bolt back inside to the safety of her comfort zone as quickly as she possibly could.

Pip loved sitting on my desk while I worked. She’d hang over the edge of the desk, hoping that my fingers would rub against her ears while I typed. She would occasionally swipe me for a pat or some attention – it couldn’t possibly be all about the students, or my deadlines. Seriously.

2014-01-22 13.37.532015-03-21 11.20.57

She loved chasing the red dot, bits of ribbon or string, and flashes of light on the floor or walls made by sunlight reflecting on a watch face, cutlery, or a mirror. We didn’t let her chase the red dot too often, as it made her kind of psychotic and jittery. She’d walk past my study and jump two feet in the air because she thought that dot was going to pop out of thin air and get her.

2015-12-22 20.37.14

Over the past few months, Pip got really skinny and started looking like her best days were behind her. She started sitting like a statue and watching us for hours, then walking in circles around the same piece of furniture before sitting down and licking her paws like there was nothing wrong. She started walking funny, hunching her back a lot, and she started to get incredibly skinny.

Last night, she sat in my study looking unhappy and uncomfortable. The red blanket that she loved to sleep on was on the couch, so I pulled it down onto the floor for her. She crawled onto it and curled up, but didn’t sleep. I knew she was unhappy and in pain.

This morning I took Pip to the vet, who concurred with my decisions about her health and her pain. We agreed that her time had come.

I tried to cuddle her and say goodbye, but she pushed away from me like she always did. I rubbed her ears and stroked her from the top of her head to the tip of her tail, just as she liked me to do. I said goodbye, and I cried.

She was a strange creature, but she was mine, and I loved her.

It’s weird sitting in my study without her sleeping on the couch nearby.
Pip will be missed…just probably not by my other cat. They were never friends.


All About That Daith… No Trouble!

Last week I posted about my new daith piercing and how it had banished the headache I had for the previous four days.

A week later, and I still haven’t had a headache. I can’t remember the last time I went a whole week without a headache… it may have been some time back when I was in high school.

I did have two flashes of pain on Sunday, like the ones I often get before a migraine sets in. Nothing eventuated, though.

I can’t really overstate how significant this is for me. This is little short of a minor miracle.

I still have my chronic pain from fibromyalgia and the pain and compromised movement from a lower spine that thinks it’s 85 years old, but I can manage that.

I have got through hot weather, busy days and work deadlines without tension. These things have always been headache triggers for me. One day I will get brave and eat some cashews, just to see if I pass that test.

People who didn’t know about the piercing have commented on how relaxed I seem. I certainly haven’t felt the tension I generally have before under those same conditions.

So, it’s a very happy “so far, so good!” From me.

If you suffer migraine or cluster/chronic headaches, it’s certainly worth considering a daith piercing. It still seems to be working for me.