Pulling cheese.

Okay. This is a new one on me. I’ve just had my first string cheese experience.


Apart from the very “American cheese” colour, it looks just like the Kraft cheese sticks that we have in Australia, but it’s a lot more fun because you can pull strings of cheese off and torture your cheese as you eat it.


 You can even have competitions to see who can pull the thinnest string.

Food and entertainment in one hit.

Loaded fries. 

Yesterday’s lunch was loaded fries: fries topped with chili con carne, cheese, sour cream, and shallots.

These were totally worth the $10 I paid for them. The fries were fresh and hot, the chili was just spicy enough, the cheese got all melty, and it was frickin’ delicious. I also didn’t need to eat for the rest of the day. 



It was 18 months since I last had poutine, so at my first opportunity in Welland, Ontario, I ordered a poutine with bacon and extra cheese. 

Oh man, it was good. Delicious, cheese curdsy, saucy fries topped with extra cheese, bacon and shallots. I enjoyed every moment.

The good news is, I’m only in Ontario. The poutine is only going to be better in Quebec. 

Yes, please!