For the chronically busy person, there is nothing like a little downtime for reenergising and resetting the mind. 

I always feel as though making it to the break at the end of third term is like sliding into third base and only just making it, looking shabby and feeling a little worse for wear. 

Life has been crazy busy in recent weeks with work, a non-fiction book release, and theatre commitments. 

So, while my sister is able to care for my dad for a few days, I’ve been able to escape to the countryside. 

Today’s drive rewarded me with blue sky, fluffy white clouds, sunshine, and some gorgeous scenery. 

It really was a glorious day– and just what I needed!

Roadtripping #12

We have spent the day travelling from Mount Wolf/York, PA, through part of Maryland and into West Virginia. We’re heading for a KOA just north of Charleston.
From what I have seen so far, West Virginia consists largely of mountain ranges, valleys, and trees. There are also some enormous potholes in the roads. I’m not so fond of those.
This opinion is based on two hours of driving through the state.

The scenery is pretty enough, with trees sprouting new leaves and some blossom trees – vibrant purple, pink or white – along the roadside. There are some postcard-worthy villages nestled on hillsides, each with a church or two prominently positioned in the middle of each.

Even so, I am fairly certain that John Denver saw a different part of the state than me, or he was here at a different time of year, when he sang, “Almost heaven, West Virginia…” in his timeless classic, ‘Country Roads’. He was definitely more enthusiastic than me.