Jetsetting #6

It’s really cool looking over the desert landscape of Arizona en route to LA. Dark rocky outcrops stand out among with the rich sandy tones of the plains. A large blue lake shimmers in contrast to the rocks and sand, while a ribbon of settlement and farms draws life from its water.

The Rocky Mountains extend north and south, the highest peaks still lightly dusted with snow. I can see where the snow is starting to melt and run down to meet the streams below.
I didn’t realise I was going to see these majestic mountains, and I feel so small but also so blessed at the same time.

The landscape flattens into a rich tapestry of pasture and agriculture, fed by streams and another bright blue lake. They give way to much more settled areas, networks of roads and then the suburbs of LA.

I would have taken pictures of all of that, but the window at my seat is too scratched to allow any photography. That’s a very great shame, because everything I saw was amazing.

New Mexico

New Mexico is beautiful.
It’s different to every other part of the USA that we have visited. There is a very strong Mexican and Native American influence on the culture and way of life.

The scenery is breathtaking. The colours of the desert soil and rocks change through the day.
The Sandia Mountains rise behind Albuquerque, creating a dramatic backdrop to the life of the people who love there. At sunset they turn a dramatic pinkish-red colour, for which they are named: “sandia” translates to “watermelon”.
We went up into the Sandias in the late afternoon and looked out over Albuquerque, the desert around it, and the volcanoes in the distance. We would have loved a chance to visit those lava fields, but our time was too limited.
As the city lights began to flick on and the dusk deepened, I could clearly see Route 66 passing right through town.

The people of New Mexico are very friendly and engaging. They love to stop and talk. They smile a lot. They love to be helpful and are very welcoming to visitors.

My first visit here has been very special. This place has touched me in quite a powerful and almost spiritual way, which I had not expected.
I am not sure whether I have fallen a little bit in love, or whether I’ve enjoyed a beautiful flirtation.
Either way, I am leaving with some delightful memories which I am sure will make me smile for many years to come.