You know you’re from Warrnambool when…

You know you’re from Warrnambool when the conversation goes like this: 

Him: So, you haven’t seen much of Amanda this term.

Me: No. She hasn’t been to school, obviously, and she hasn’t been coming out for drinks. 

Him: Has she been going to Simon’s?

Me: No, we’ve been going to the Clovelly since it got cold. 

Me: Oh! That Simon’s! (Where Simon is Amanda’s fiancée who lives six hours’ drive away.)  Yeah. She has. 

Spirit Animals. 

While perusing the Book of Face this morning, I saw a photo of a beautiful horse that has been turned into the closest thing  to a real-life rainbow unicorn that you’re ever going to see. It’s magnificent!

2016-06-21 19.00.25

“Hey!” I said to my office buddy, who is always cheerful, positive and full of energy, “I found your spirit animal!”

I showed her the picture and explained,  “I’m sure your spirit animal is a rainbow unicorn!”

She laughed and then asked, “What do you think yours is?”

“Probably a pissed-off squirrel,” I answered.

Then we laughed, because we both knew I was right.

Departure #2

Today we are on our way again. We. Are heading for Charleston, West Virginia.

I’ve just left behind a very close friend who was one of the main motivators for the US part of my trip. In the years that I have known her, we have helped each other through physical pain, illness, grief, insult and having to deal with idiots on a regular basis.
Spending this weekend together was wonderful. We talked, laughed, cried, hugged, shared meals, drank coffee, indulged in treats and gave each other keepsakes which, like the memories, will remain precious for the rest of our lives.
Her parents and brother have welcomed me with generosity and love. They have been so generous and sweet, and I know I am now a member of their family.

It was incredibly difficult to say goodbye this morning.

I know one thing: I am definitely coming back, and we are going to spend much more time together.
Then I might kidnap her (is it even possible to kidnap the willing?) and take her back to Australia with me.


We’ve been looking forward to meeting for months. Tonight, that moment finally arrived. It was so cool that you waited out the front for us in the cold: you really didn’t have to do that, but I know you were excited to see us.
It felt so good to see your smile, to say hi and have a great big hug. Meeting you and spending time with you has been fantastic.
It has confirmed everything I already knew about our friendship.
Your kindness, thoughtfulness and care for my comfort and happiness are way beyond the call of duty. I want for nothing here, you have made absolutely sure of that.
The only conclusion is that you are an absolute gem; you have a heart of gold, and I am blessed to be your best friend. I am a million percent richer for having you in my life.