Observations from the hospital bedside #7

When one is sharing a room with three other patients, it’s very rude to have your TV speaker so loud that everyone in the room has to listen to it and raise their voice to speak over it.
If you happen to be the second guy in a week to do that consistently, nobody who shares your room is going to like you very much.

Another first.

Today, I watched a guy vaccuuming the ceiling.
I grew up with a Dutch grandmother and I have had a Dutch mother-in-law for almost 25 years. Dutch women are notorious for being obsessive about cleaning, but I’ve never seen that before.

The Bog Blog #1: Stand and Deliver

The doctor asked for a stool sample, so this morning my husband obliged.

He has been telling nurses for 90 minutes that it’s in the bathroom waiting for them.

I’ve been adding my own commentary to the conversations:

“It’s THIS BIG!”

“I just checked… it’s now three feet long.”

“I guess you’re used to people trying to give you crap.”

“I guess if they don’t take it away, we’ll have to go on undeterred.”

“Your request has been logged.”

“Well, that’s just shit.”

“You weren’t meant to fill the whole container, you know…”

“It just kept piling up like he’s a soft-serve machine or something.”

“Any drinks or fries with your order?”

“There’s a bear in there…”

It’s a gift.
You’re welcome.

Oh wait, I can use that, too.