Hollywood Blvd #1

The banners advertising shows at Pantages Theatre tugged at my heart strings as we toured around Hollywood. Having some experience of my own in both performing and directing amateur musical theatre, I had heard of Pantages and was keen for a chance to visit.

Pantages Theatre is one of the icons of musical theatre in LA.
The exterior is gorgeous Art Deco architecture, with a commanding sign in lights that immediately draws one’s attention.
The lobby and box office are ornate and elegant. The Art Deco ceiling and it’s done have been beautifully preserved. This looks exactly like an historically famous house of musical theatre should.
The tall, rich wooden doors into the theatre beckoned, but the theatre itself was not open to tourists, so
I didn’t get a chance to see inside the theatre. That was disappointing, but it’s quite understandable that they are not going to turn all the lights on every day or disrupt rehearsals on the off chance someone wants to look around.
If we had more time in our schedule, I would have loved to see a show there.
Maybe next time.