You Know You’re Tired When…

After teaching yesterday and then spending the night at school supervising the antics of my graduating Year 12 students, I have entered my 29th consecutive hour of being at work and awake.

I just spent two minutes wondering why I couldn’t correct a randomly occurring capital letter in an email I had already sent.

I have also just realised that there is no way to scull a Barista Bros Iced Coffee in front of 20 Year 9/10 students without looking needy.  Upon this epiphany, I reverted to sipping it in a casual coffee-house-with-minimalist-art-on-the-walls kind of way.

I need to go home.

A Very Random Call That Made My Day

I was sitting at my desk at work today when I received a call from a number I didn’t recognise.

Me: “Hello!”

Caller; “Oh hi, is Anthony there please?”

Me: “There’s no Anthony here.”

Caller: “Oh, I probably dialled the wrong number.”

Thinking that my pastor’s name is Anthony, I asked, “Which Anthony did you want?”

Caller: “The manager at the loading docks…”

Me: “Ah, no. I’m out in the sticks. Sorry.”

Caller: “Well, you sound nice, anyway.”

Me: “Nawwww, shucks.”

Caller: “Thanks, I might call back if I ever need someone to be nice to me.”

Me: “Haha, no problem. Have a good day!”

Caller: “See? You’re just nice. Bye!”