For the chronically busy person, there is nothing like a little downtime for reenergising and resetting the mind. 

I always feel as though making it to the break at the end of third term is like sliding into third base and only just making it, looking shabby and feeling a little worse for wear. 

Life has been crazy busy in recent weeks with work, a non-fiction book release, and theatre commitments. 

So, while my sister is able to care for my dad for a few days, I’ve been able to escape to the countryside. 

Today’s drive rewarded me with blue sky, fluffy white clouds, sunshine, and some gorgeous scenery. 

It really was a glorious day– and just what I needed!

Roadtrip! from Detroit, USA to Niagara, CA.

After visiting with my cousins in Detroit, we crossed the border and went roadtripping through Canada to meet with my brother. Having crossed on the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls on my last trip, I was keen to cross into Canada on another iconic bridge: Ambassador Bridge at Detroit/Windsor.

0006 2015-09-18 16.18.33 View of Ambassador Bridge to Canada - Roadtripping to Canada with David and Susie

I could almost feel the bump as we crossed the border. Well… almost.

0007 2015-09-18 16.19.07 Ambassador Bridge to Canada

There are a lot of storybook-worthy-looking farms on this side of Ontario.

0008 2015-09-18 17.22.48 Roadtripping in Canada with David and Susie


0009 2015-09-18 19.10.56 Roadtripping in Canada with David and Susie

Getting closer! The whole while, I was mentally rehearsing for driving on the right hand side of the road once I got to Sean’s. That’s a big thing for an Aussie!

0010 2015-09-18 19.14.20 Roadtripping in Canada with David and Susie

Roadtripping #2

Today is bathed in sunshine.
There are still drifts of snow by the road and in the fields, thickest under the pines and cedars where the sunlight has not yet penetrated. If this weather keeps up, that won’t last too much longer. Canada might actually get the spring weather she has eagerly awaited for so long.

We’re driving on Route 401, heading for Ottawa.