Paia Lookout, Kaikoura, New Zealand.

Kaikoura is a town on the north-eastern coast of the South Island of New Zealand.
It’s a place where people go to watch whales, fur seals and dolphins.  We didn’t see any whales or dolphins, but we did see plenty of seals on the rocks.

002 Seals at Paia Lookout, Kaikoura

It’s a beautifully rugged coastline where the road hugs the coast quite closely, with high cliffs on the other side.

003 Seals at Paia Lookout, Kaikoura

We caught these two taking a bath.

004 Seals at Paia Lookout, Kaikoura

This fellow was quite curious and came closer to have a look at us, too.

001 Seals at Paia Lookout, Kaikoura


In the early Autumn, the Hopkins River meanders lazily through the beautiful farmlands of western Victoria, gurgling and spilling gently over these rocks and falls near Cudgee, just north of Warrnambool. The water level is so low that some parts of the stream are cut off, forming rock pools in the river bed above the falls. Cows graze along the banks and drink from the cool, fresh stream.
When the river is high and fast, the falls are turbulent and powerful, and the stream below is far too deep and unsafe for cows to graze so close to its banks.

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2015-04-12 15.23.35

2015-04-12 15.23.48

2015-04-12 15.23.05

2015-04-12 15.20.44


The Stony Rises are found between Camperdown, Pirron Yallock and Cobden in Victoria’s Western District.
The fields are full of volcanic rock, a testament to the fact that the dormant volcanoes in the area were once far more active than they are now.  Ever since settlement, local farmers have used these rocks to create stone walls that divide their farms into paddocks. While some have fallen into disrepair, others are still maintained and used today.

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Peterborough, Victoria.

Peterborough is where the Curdies River meets the Southern Ocean.

2014-01-02 14.06.06

This tiny hamlet sits on the Great Ocean Road, where people often see little more than the wide river as they drive over the bridge toward better known sights and the town of Port Campbell.

2016-12-28 15.06.18.jpg

By doing so, they’re missing out on some great scenery and a beautiful sandy beach where the river provides much safer swimming than in this part of the ocean, which is notorious for rips and strong undertows.


2016-12-28 15.02.19


2016-12-28 14.57.20