Niagara Falls.

Absolutely magnificent.

Last night we saw the American side of the falls under low lighting. 

That was breathtaking in itself.

Today I saw the falls from both the US and Canadian sides.

I saw the American side of the falls in weak, wintery sunshine. By the time I had crossed over into Canada via Rainbow Bridge, it was misty grey. It seemed like a different world altogether, where the falls had created their own ethereal atmosphere

There were still frozen sections of the falls because it’s still wintery even though it’s technically spring.  There are icebergs in the river that flows over the falls. The spray from the falls is icy cold on your skin, then chillingly damp as it melts into hair and clothing. It is wetter than rain, colder than ice, but incredibly delicious for the soul. 

I have dreamed of seeing the falls ever since the first time I saw them on TV.
Today, that dream became reality. 

Words cannot express how it felt for me to be there and witness the power and majesty of the falls. 

I left there feeling as though, in some way, a part of my soul had come home.


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