Montpelier, VT.

Montpelier is a very pretty city. Quirky storefronts, colourful houses, clean streets, and big churches. The shops and businesses here have clever names – there is obviously a culture of thoughtfulness and word play here that I really admire and enjoy.
One gets the distinct impression that there is money here. This is, perhaps, the playground of the well-to-do who like having ski resorts and snowfields conveniently close. I don’t see any small or beat-up houses, nor any old cars in the street or driveways. People here might not all be rolling in it but, generally speaking, they are closer to being “rich” than the people in my small country town or any other town like it.

It would be great fun to explore some of these shops, but it’s getting late and people are closing the doors and heading home for the night.
I don’t blame them.


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