Middle of nowhere.

The brainPod is playing George Strait’s “Middle of Nowhere” on a loop as we head to the Deer Park KOA near Cuddebackville in the Hudson River valley, NY.

If you want to get away from it all, this seems like the place to do it. The campground is nestled inside a gully out in the middle of nowhere, so even your phone and it’s associated internet capabilities can take a well-earned rest… unless, of course, you actually want to chat to friends or update your travel blog so that all of your adoring fans know you are still alive. (I am!)  In that case, you are likely to be frustrated. (I am!) 

The facilities are all clean, and there is hot water in the showers. The joy of a hot shower at the end of a long day of travelling is hard to express adequately, or at least without moaning with pleasure.

A shot of the maple whiskey my friend Sean gave me in dry ginger ale finishes the day very, very nicely. I confess, there were one or two moans of pleasure associated with that, too.

Morning reveals just how very pretty it is here. It’s early spring so there are no leaves on the trees, but lots of leaves from autumn still lie all over the ground. Little flurries of wind chase the leaves in a silly frolic that deposits them under trees until the next burst of wind comes along and continues the game. 
There are squirrels running around, but they are shy and won’t let me take their picture. 

The laundry is done, we’ve had coffee and a maple oatmeal cookie, and we’re off again.


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