Roadtripping #7

It’s been some time since we have seen any snow lying on the ground.
The trees are still naked here, but it’s a nice change to see them bathed in sunshine rather than snow, mist or rain. 

We are passing through Connecticut without any plans to stop.
Hartford is an attractive city from what I can see.
Waterbury is pretty too, with some beautiful buildings and a really nicely laid out lawn cemetery.  The roads are really rough though. That’s not cool. 

Ugh. Traffic. 
We obviously didn’t skirt the more densely populated areas widely enough.
This road trip is not about being stuck in traffic. 
And the roads are still really rough. I think one of my kidneys just rattled loose.
Get your roadmaking act together, Connecticut. 

It’s after 6pm and we are heading East on Route 84. 
There is green grass here. It seems CT has shrugged winter off a little earlier than her northern counterparts, which is only to be expected. 
I’d still rather be in Canada. Sad face.

The road just got better. I think we must have crossed another state line.
Hello, New York.


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