Roadtripping #11

The scenery is really pretty in Pennsylvania.
Once we bypassed Philadelphia, it turned into a land of neat farms and pretty barns. The grass is green and the trees are starting to grow their new leaves.
Most of my attempts to take photographs have been foiled by passing trucks or roadside trees, but that’s OK because I’m not sure quick snapshots would do the scenery justice anyway. It’s the overall image of farmland, rolling hills and pretty houses that is so impressive.
The roads are good here, too.

We have passed a couple of Amish villages. The buildings were painted pristine white, clustered neatly together with the pretty white church as the focal point of the settlement. Everything is clean and tidy. Their pride in their homes and work, and the importance of their faith, are evident just from looking at their villages.
I guess it’s true of anyone that you can see what is important to them by looking at the way they live.

I’m keen to meet a beloved friend tonight and spend some time with her over the next day or two. She is my main reason for coming to PA, but I am confident I will enjoy my visit. I love history, so there is a great deal of interest for me here. I’d like to visit an Amish village and I’d like to see Gettysburg. Seeing some of the Pennsylvania Dutch culture would be interesting, too.

We just crossed a river. Instead of taking a photo of the really nice arched bridge, I scored a shot of a graffitied hippy van that zoomed up past us on the left. Just my luck.


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