Nashville #2

The Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN, is a great place to spend some time.
The museum houses all sorts of memorabilia, outfits and instruments from a range of country music identities, past and present. There are video presentations on different themes and artists which are well integrated with the rest of the exhibits.

When we visited there was a small but special Glenn Campbell exhibit which brought some powerful memories flooding back to me. My mother loved Glenn Campbell and it’s fair to say that I was raised on his music.
There was also an extensive Reba McEntire exhibit titled ‘Reba: All The Women I Am’ which had video presentations as well as her outfits and memorabilia. The video material was very personal and engaging, and gave some thought-provoking insights into the complexity and sincerity of Reba as a performer but also as a woman who has worked incredibly hard with her talents to achieve what she has.

The museum offers a number of interactive games and activities that anyone can participate in, including recording your own vocal track and designing your own album cover. Those were a lot of fun, and resulted in a pack of digital souvenirs that get emailed to you at the end.

The Hall of Fame is housed in a large round room that bears the inscription ‘Will the circle be unbroken’. A
brass plaque commemorates each
Hall of Fame personality with a short description of their career in country music.

I feel really blessed to have been able to visit here today. I saw clothing and memorabilia of many artists whose voices and songs I love, and I enjoyed a number of “Oh! I remember that!” moments which were really enjoyable.


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