Nashville #4

We are leaving Nashville this morning.
I’m sad.
I’ve loved every moment of my time in this town except for the bum steer I got about boots at the first store we went to, where the staff seemed helpful but weren’t really. Thankfully, the staff at the other boot stores in town were a lot more helpful and constructive, and I have come away with two magnificent pairs of very comfortable boots.

We stayed at the Nashville KOA. This is a great campground, like every other KOA we have visited. The staff are friendly and helpful, and the facilities are excellent.
The thing that set this one apart from any other campground (and many hotels I have stayed in) is the bathrooms.
Usually, a campground provides clean and adequate communal bathrooms, and everyone is happy with that.
At Nashville KOA, they are worthy of a posh hotel. Marble countertops, brushed stainless steel sinks and taps, rich textures and heated floors combine for a very luxurious feeling. Individual shower rooms continue the theme with the same textures, plenty of room to move, and plenty of hot water.
When you’re camping or travelling in an RV, that little touch of luxury is very much appreciated and makes a place rather memorable.

Goodbye, Nashville.
And thank you. You’ve been marvellous. I love you.


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