Security #1

Today we got stopped by a fare inspector and a policeman as we alighted the train at Main St Square Station in downtown Houston.
Thankfully we had figured out to “swipe on” with our Metro Q card before we got on the train, or we would have been in as much trouble as the very unhappy young man who was insisting there was money on his card even though there clearly wasn’t.
The fare inspector told me to keep going, so I walked ahead. The policeman, who had not heard him tell me to go ahead, decided I was disobeying orders yelled at me and told me I had to wait.
Well come ON guys, get your act together! I didn’t mind waiting my turn, and I hadn’t done anything wrong, so don’t go yelling at me in your big bossy policeman voice!
The fare inspector was very apologetic, but he didn’t let the railway cop hear him saying he was sorry.
Clearly, I’m a bigger security risk than I realised.



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