Hollywood Blvd #2

A walk along the Walk of Fame was quite an experience for me. The sidewalk stars along Hollywood Blvd reminded me of actors, singers and personalities I have loved over the years.
It was exciting to take pictures of their sidewalk stars and I enjoyed the memories that came flooding back as I did.
Of course, there were plenty of stars that I saw in the pavement and thought “ahuh”, too. I fully understand why they have been awarded sidewalk stars, but they are just not as important to me as others. That’s how music, film and TV work, though: they appeal to different people in different ways.

I didn’t get to all the sidewalk stars. I walked down one side of the street from Pantages Theatre to the Chinese Theatre, where the hand and footprints of celebrities are imprinted in the cement.
I had the same reaction there. There were some that I was keen to photograph and others that didn’t interest me at all.

Sid Grauman’s idea of immortalising celebrities with their hand and foot prints was genius. He understood that it was a permanent way of preserving the memories of those who would not always be with us. His memory is preserved too, in the personal messages written to him in the cement by those same stars of Hollywood.
I found it impossible to leave there without a strong sense of history and respect, but at the same time really enjoyed the fun of it all.


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