Mid-flight #14

It’s stupid o’clock in the morning and I’m having trouble sleeping even though I’ve been asleep and would desperately like to have stayed that way.
It doesn’t help that I am missing certain people terribly, to the point where the tears won’t stop.
Argh. At least it’s darkened down in the cabin and nobody knows I’m sitting here being a blubbering sook.

There has been a bit of turbulence but nothing major. Just like a carnival ride, really.

The kids on the flight are all asleep. There are four or five of them in my immediate area, but they have been really well behaved. I’m grateful.

I’m colder on this flight than I have been on any other flight. That might be my degree of tiredness, or it could be my pain levels kicking my butt. What I do know is that I am feeling rather miserable right now.


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