All About That Daith… No Trouble!

Last week I posted about my new daith piercing and how it had banished the headache I had for the previous four days.

A week later, and I still haven’t had a headache. I can’t remember the last time I went a whole week without a headache… it may have been some time back when I was in high school.

I did have two flashes of pain on Sunday, like the ones I often get before a migraine sets in. Nothing eventuated, though.

I can’t really overstate how significant this is for me. This is little short of a minor miracle.

I still have my chronic pain from fibromyalgia and the pain and compromised movement from a lower spine that thinks it’s 85 years old, but I can manage that.

I have got through hot weather, busy days and work deadlines without tension. These things have always been headache triggers for me. One day I will get brave and eat some cashews, just to see if I pass that test.

People who didn’t know about the piercing have commented on how relaxed I seem. I certainly haven’t felt the tension I generally have before under those same conditions.

So, it’s a very happy “so far, so good!” From me.

If you suffer migraine or cluster/chronic headaches, it’s certainly worth considering a daith piercing. It still seems to be working for me.


3 thoughts on “All About That Daith… No Trouble!

  1. I am considering it based on your experience on others. However, I seem to get more relief when I push on the cartilage slightly up from where yours is. Do you know if anyone has had benefit from piercings elsewhere in the ear? Maybe, we are all a little different.

    Like you, I also don’t eat nuts and other foods. The diet change has helped – a lot. The weather seems to bring on some of my migraines though, and I’m wondering if a piercing would help with those.


  2. I am no expert, which is why I only write about my own experience.
    It could be worth trying some acupuncture first, or at least talking to an acupuncturist who could tell you about the various pressure points.

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