Roadtrip! from Detroit, USA to Niagara, CA.

After visiting with my cousins in Detroit, we crossed the border and went roadtripping through Canada to meet with my brother. Having crossed on the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls on my last trip, I was keen to cross into Canada on another iconic bridge: Ambassador Bridge at Detroit/Windsor.

0006 2015-09-18 16.18.33 View of Ambassador Bridge to Canada - Roadtripping to Canada with David and Susie

I could almost feel the bump as we crossed the border. Well… almost.

0007 2015-09-18 16.19.07 Ambassador Bridge to Canada

There are a lot of storybook-worthy-looking farms on this side of Ontario.

0008 2015-09-18 17.22.48 Roadtripping in Canada with David and Susie


0009 2015-09-18 19.10.56 Roadtripping in Canada with David and Susie

Getting closer! The whole while, I was mentally rehearsing for driving on the right hand side of the road once I got to Sean’s. That’s a big thing for an Aussie!

0010 2015-09-18 19.14.20 Roadtripping in Canada with David and Susie

Oh No, You Didnt!

For some time, LMC has been saying things she’s heard on American tween TV shows. 

One of her favourite phrases is “Oh no, you didn’t!” when someone says or something she doesn’t like. 

Today I was browsing in a shop when I heard stuff land on the floor and an employee say “Oh no, you didn’t!” in exactly the same way and with an accent that LMC had perfected far better than I had previously realised. 

It made me smile.
Even more than that, it made me miss my girl. 


This is my second visit to Detroit. 

On both occasions, I have had a wonderful visit and met some delightful people.  Everyone is so nice and welcoming here and, apparently, Australian accents are sexy. I’m good with that.

I honestly don’t know why TV shows and movies are so committed to portraying Detroit as such a bad place. Like any city, it has its poorer areas, and you can see a number of abandoned buildings and places that have slid gradually into dereliction. That’s not really a fair reflection of what Detroit is, though.

Detroit is a lively city. Downtown has some great restaurants and bars, a beautiful river walk by the Grand River, and streets lined by trees and gardens alongside the city buildings and construction sites. It’s a city which has obviously had its struggles, but it has fought its way back and is doing a fabulous job of reinventing itself as a 21st century city. 

Please don’t believe everything Hollywood or the television industry tells you, about Detroit or anywhere else. There are good people and bad people anywhere you go. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by how nice this city and its people are. 

Megabus dos and don’ts.

The Megabus service is an efficient and very cheap way to get from the Rosa Parks Transit Centre in Detroit to Union Station, Chicago if you book well ahead. It cost $12US each for us to take the bus because I booked a couple of months ahead.
The bus has the suspension of a brick building, but you can overlook that if you are inclined to focus on the positives.
Clean bus, very polite and helpful staff, and some lovely scenery along the way.
Don’t rely on using that little bathroom at the back of the bus, though, unless you are short and thin with thighs strong enough to keep you on the potty while the bus is bouncing and shuddering.

This little piggy #2

Fishbones is a bar/restaurant in Greektown, Detroit. We had their buffet on Sunday. When they say “all you can eat”, they mean it.
Take a little of this, a little of that.
There were opportunities to try lots of Southern, Creole and Cajun style foods that we don’t ever see on Australian menu, including gumbo and alligator. I got brave and sampled different things. I still don’t know what some of them were.
My favourite was the crumbed fish pieces with some kind of spicy sauce. That was amazing.
There was also a full buffet of desserts. I had my first taste of Key Lime Pie. It was nice, but far better was the lemon cheesecake: intense and not at all sickly.
There was no need for dinner that night.

Mid- flight #12

I’m on Delta flight 1706, about half an hour out of Detroit. I’ve spent 21 of the last 24 hours in a plane.
Delta staff just announced that if we look out the window of the plane, we can see Lake Michigan, complete with icebergs. I’m good with that. So close to Canada I can almost taste it. It’s no secret to those who know me best that I want selfies in Canadian snow before it’s all gone.
I’m really looking forward to being on land. I really want to hug my cousins David and Susie. I am ready for shameless selfies in Detroit snow. I am keen to walk outside and see animals and people and buildings. A bathroom bigger than a shoebox will make a nice change, too.
And I want to get intimately acquainted with some North American wi-fi. Upsized. Hold the fries. And no more interruptions. >