Mid- flight #12

I’m on Delta flight 1706, about half an hour out of Detroit. I’ve spent 21 of the last 24 hours in a plane.
Delta staff just announced that if we look out the window of the plane, we can see Lake Michigan, complete with icebergs. I’m good with that. So close to Canada I can almost taste it. It’s no secret to those who know me best that I want selfies in Canadian snow before it’s all gone.
I’m really looking forward to being on land. I really want to hug my cousins David and Susie. I am ready for shameless selfies in Detroit snow. I am keen to walk outside and see animals and people and buildings. A bathroom bigger than a shoebox will make a nice change, too.
And I want to get intimately acquainted with some North American wi-fi. Upsized. Hold the fries. And no more interruptions. >


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