Jetsetting #5

It’s been a huge day.
In addition to exploring downtown Houston, we have flown to Albuquerque via Dallas with an almost 2 hour layover during which my husband went out for a cigarette and nearly got himself locked out of the airport. I’m still laughing about that one.

It’s almost midnight Central US. time, but an hour earlier in Albuquerque because that’s in the Mountain Time zone. That makes today a 25 hour day for us.

I’m tired and yawning more widely than most stereotypical caverns. I can’t wait to get to our hotel and get horizontal.

I can see the lights of the city as we come in to land. It’s quite an extensive array of lights, and very pretty. Cities always do look rather impressive when you fly in at night, now that I come to think about it.

These airline pilots are impressive. We haven’t had a rough landing yet, with all the travelling we’ve done since leaving home on Friday, March 28.
We’re on the ground again and taxiing to the gate.

Bed is just that little bit closer. Bring it on.


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