Kia Ora and going the Extra Mile.

Tonight I’m on a trans-Pacific flight from LA to Melbourne via Auckland. There are kids on this flight who have been on a trip to Disneyland courtesy of the Koru Care charity which is sponsored by Air New Zealand.  To continue the Disneyland experience, the flight attendants have all dressed up in fancy dress to serve the kids and make their flight more fun.   

Dinner and drinks were served by Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell, while coffee was served by a CHiPS police officer.  

I have to say that he did take it very well when I asked when the rest of the Village People were coming out.

I’m so impressed by the continual efforts of the staff to do everything to make the flight memorable and fun. It’s a great war to promote the charity, too. 

They’ve also been wonderful to me after a very long and emotionally exhausting day. After a painful and tearful farewell followed by extended flight delays and an international connection time that was whittled down from 6.5 hours to 47 minutes, in which I managed baggage claim, terminal transfer with all my luggage, check in and baggage drop, security checks and getting to the right gate before they closed the flight. When I realised I had made my flight, I burst into tears of relief. The attendants were just lovely and so supportive, and did everything they could to reassure and comfort me. 

I love flying with Air New Zealand and I love the way they treat their clients. They’ve won me. 

Jetsetting #6

It’s really cool looking over the desert landscape of Arizona en route to LA. Dark rocky outcrops stand out among with the rich sandy tones of the plains. A large blue lake shimmers in contrast to the rocks and sand, while a ribbon of settlement and farms draws life from its water.

The Rocky Mountains extend north and south, the highest peaks still lightly dusted with snow. I can see where the snow is starting to melt and run down to meet the streams below.
I didn’t realise I was going to see these majestic mountains, and I feel so small but also so blessed at the same time.

The landscape flattens into a rich tapestry of pasture and agriculture, fed by streams and another bright blue lake. They give way to much more settled areas, networks of roads and then the suburbs of LA.

I would have taken pictures of all of that, but the window at my seat is too scratched to allow any photography. That’s a very great shame, because everything I saw was amazing.

Jetsetting #5

It’s been a huge day.
In addition to exploring downtown Houston, we have flown to Albuquerque via Dallas with an almost 2 hour layover during which my husband went out for a cigarette and nearly got himself locked out of the airport. I’m still laughing about that one.

It’s almost midnight Central US. time, but an hour earlier in Albuquerque because that’s in the Mountain Time zone. That makes today a 25 hour day for us.

I’m tired and yawning more widely than most stereotypical caverns. I can’t wait to get to our hotel and get horizontal.

I can see the lights of the city as we come in to land. It’s quite an extensive array of lights, and very pretty. Cities always do look rather impressive when you fly in at night, now that I come to think about it.

These airline pilots are impressive. We haven’t had a rough landing yet, with all the travelling we’ve done since leaving home on Friday, March 28.
We’re on the ground again and taxiing to the gate.

Bed is just that little bit closer. Bring it on.

Jetsetting #1

I was so excited to see the wifi sign lit up on the plane.
Then I was disappointed to find out we had to pay for it, but on consideration, I figured it would be worthwhile given that I have three more flights with Delta this week.
So I tried to sign up, and their system rejected me twice.
I guess they didn’t want my money as much as I wanted their internet.

Sad face.

Mid- flight #12

I’m on Delta flight 1706, about half an hour out of Detroit. I’ve spent 21 of the last 24 hours in a plane.
Delta staff just announced that if we look out the window of the plane, we can see Lake Michigan, complete with icebergs. I’m good with that. So close to Canada I can almost taste it. It’s no secret to those who know me best that I want selfies in Canadian snow before it’s all gone.
I’m really looking forward to being on land. I really want to hug my cousins David and Susie. I am ready for shameless selfies in Detroit snow. I am keen to walk outside and see animals and people and buildings. A bathroom bigger than a shoebox will make a nice change, too.
And I want to get intimately acquainted with some North American wi-fi. Upsized. Hold the fries. And no more interruptions. >