A piercing experience!

In the last few months since hearing about the daith piercing and its effect in reducing/controlling headaches and migraines, I have done a fair bit of reading and research.
I decided it was something I would do one day. I figured that if it had no effect on my headaches, I’d still have a cool piercing.
This afternoon, after 4.5 days of a particularly nasty thumper of a headache and not much sleep, I made an appointment for 4.30pm.

This headache had persisted for almost five days despite the not-for-the-faint-of-heart painkiller routine that I have for my back and other chronic pain.

The room and bed were super clean, the body piercer was knowledgeable and told me all I needed to know about this piercing.

She also showed me information about this point in the ear, used in both acupuncture and acupressure to control not only headaches and migraines but also tension and anxiety. I was impressed by how much she knew about the non-body-piercing aspect of the physiology of the ear.
The piercing itself took less than three seconds from start to finish, and all I felt was a quick sting.
By the time I got home 45 minutes later, the intensity of my headache had already reduced by about half. The light sensitivity that I had experienced for days had disappeared, and I no longer felt sick turning my head from side to side.
Usually, this kind of headache leaves me feeling exhausted and dopey, like I have been hit in the head with a rubber mallet, for a day or so after the pain itself subsides.
As I write this, only three hours after the piercing was done, I have only some twinges of pain and none of the usual lethargy.

Am I impressed? Heck, yes!
I wasn’t expecting anything so prompt or marvellous! And even if this turns out to be some hinky kind of psychosomatic/placebo effect, I’ll still take it.

And, as a bonus, I have a really cool piercing.


5 thoughts on “A piercing experience!

  1. That looks neat, yet exceptionally painful. You assure us that it is not though… đŸ™‚

    I’m glad you headache is gone though. Yay!


  2. I’m keeping this treatment option in mind after hearing about your wonderful results:) For now, diet change seems to be helping me the most, but it’s good to know that there are other options for the future if I should need them. I’m glad this has worked for you. If you want to consider diet changes also, I’m offering encouragement and recipes on my site.


  3. I’ve also eliminated a lot of triggers from my diet. That does help, but it didn’t completely eliminate them.
    For me, it’s definitely a case of having many arrows in my quiver.


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