Conch Piercing for Pain Relief.

Chronic pain is a hard slog. I don’t like to complain about it, but it’s a fact of life for me, courtesy of both Fibromyalgia and a degenerative condition in my spine. Living with pain and the exhaustion it causes isn’t easy. “Faking it” in order to appear as though one is living life normally can be just as exhausting as the pain itself.

It’s easy to take medications and think that you’re doing all you can. It’s very tempting to feel sorry for yourself, which can be very dangerous because it’s a hole that’s hard to get out of.

I’m here to tell you, though, that I’ve found something else that helps.

Ear map

A “map” of different ear piercing positions.

Having had a daith piercing that successfully dealt with my migraines and cluster headaches,  I was excited to hear about a piercing that was reported to help with chronic pain.

I read as much as I could and spoke to an acupuncturist about it, who told me there was no reason why it might not work, especially given the success of my daith piercing. It seemed to be a therapy to which my body responded in a really positive way.

On October 18, I returned to the same professional body piercer who had pierced my daith and had another piercing done on an acupressure point in the ear that is treated to ease chronic pain. It’s called a conch piercing. It’s the one nestled in the centre of the “shell” of my ear.

The first night, I slept a lot, which is very unusual for me. In fact, I slept right through the night! I observed the next day that I couldn’t remember the last time that had happened. Since then, I’ve slept consistently better than before the piercing – probably because my brain is less jangled by pain than before. 

I’ve been able to significantly reduce my codeine intake by about 90%. Before the conch piercing, there were days when I was taking as much codeine as I had been prescribed, and sometimes it didn’t seem to touch the pain at all.
In the seven weeks since the piercing, I’ve taken less and less of it. I still have pain, but I can manage it most of the time with ibuprofen or paracetamol, only needing to take codeine occasionally.  When I do need to take it, I take one pill, not two.
Reducing my codeine intake is something for which my liver and kidneys will thank me forever, and has other… erm… regular health benefits which need no spelling out to anyone who has ever taken codeine frequently.

Conch 2I’ve also coped a lot better with the hot weather, which always caused my Fibromyalgia to flare and render me almost useless. I still have summer to get through, but I got through some very hot weather last week without falling apart, so I am hopeful that it is a sign of improvement that I will enjoy from now on.

I deal much better with stress than I did previously. I used to experience temperature spikes and pain flares whenever I experienced stress or strong emotions. Those seem to have diminished to instances that last only minutes instead of hours.

So, here’s hoping that it will continue to diminish my pain in the long term.

I’ll keep you updated.


15 thoughts on “Conch Piercing for Pain Relief.

  1. So… update? I’m thinking of getting one, too. I still have my daith and my headaches have significantly reduced in frequency and severity but if I can reduce the pain more as well as look super fly like you, why wouldn’t I? Lol

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  2. Update: Definitely worth doing!
    I’ve been able to get right off codeine and manage my pain to the same degree with ibuprofen and paracetamol.
    For someone who was taking codeine three times a day, that’s nothing short of a miracle.
    My liver and kidneys are still thanking me.

    It would be nice to not need meds at all, but that’s totally unrealistic.

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  3. It’s 5am & I can’t sleep for pain so researching anything that might help….. I have CRPS & Fibromyalgia. Your review /diary is the best on internet 😊 just wondering, does the piercing need to be in an exact position in the conch? Thank you xx


  4. I don’t know for sure, but my piercer did prod for the point where I was most sensitive.
    You could always ask an acupuncturist to locate the best spot and mark it with a permanent marker to get pierced.


  5. I have the conch done but i dont deal with any pain, but I can tell you i have really bad anixety and panic attacks. Since getting a fllat piercing it is all going away.

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  6. I came across this post a couple of months ago and thought, hey why not? I already have multiple piercings and even if my daith didn’t give me as much relief as I hoped, having it combined with very low forward helix has definitely helped with my migraines and cluster headaches. I talked with my piercer and an acupuncturist and dived right in lol! Both conch have made a HUGE difference to my fibro pain, to the point that I actually think I may have experienced a few days of just regular pain! I have also had 1 rook done (anxiety & quit smoking) and double helix in right ear (mid back & shoulder) to match the lower 2 in my left.
    I honestly cannot believe how much of a difference these have made in my life!!!

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  7. That’s awesome! I’m so glad you have found some relief too! The degree of pain we learn to tolerate is mind blowing, and people who sneer at the concept of piercings being effective really have no idea.


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